prom limo rentalProm might be the most important moment of your high-school career. Dressed for the ball, accompanied by your hot date or dream squad, you cannot afford to arrive there in your dad’s rusty car. Let your ride mirror the importance of the occasion. Begin your unforgettable night by making a striking appearance in one of our luxury Pearl River limo vehicles and make a bright impression on all your classmates.

Depending on the size of your group and the expectations on the ride you have, there are a few options to choose from. If you are an elegant party, go with a classic white limo – the modern version of a horse and carriage, arrive to your prom as if it were Cinderella’s ball. If your prom is also a date, arrive like the royal couple, you are in our beautiful Lincoln Continental. Chevy Suburban would be the best ride for your wolf-pack. Finally, if you want to begin your party even before you reach your destination, hop in our party bus equipped with neon lights and loud speakers.

If you live close to your school, but want to make the most of the occasion – book a Rockland limo tour. Enjoy the luxury of riding in one of our top of the line vehicles by incorporating a city tour into your hire package. This way you will be able to make a few stops on the way and take photos in some beautiful locations of your city wearing your outstanding gowns. A win for both your Instagram and your mums photo album.

Our chauffeurs understand the importance of this special day for you and your family. Thus, whatever transportation you choose, we ensure a smooth and graceful arrival at the party in a manner, that benefits such an important occasion.

After choosing your perfect transportation to the prom, consider your getaway. On such popular nights it is wiser to have a pre-booked ride to save you the stress (and your parents a worry) of figuring out how to get home in the middle of the night. You can be picked up in the same vehicle that drove you to the prom or, if you will arrive with a group and have to go back to different address, we suggest you book an executive taxi for your way back.
We know that your safety is important to your family and being the best Pearl River Limo hiring agents, King Car Service guarantees a smooth, safe door-to-door ride to your prom. All our chauffeurs are well-experienced drivers and all the vehicles are insured and fully meet the industry safety standards. Here at King Car Service we always treat you like royalty.

Prom is a magical, beautiful evening, the memories of which will be with you for years to come. Make it perfect, you’ve been working hard all these years and finally graduated, you deserve to have the night of your lifetime.