Groups & Meetings

corporate limo rocklandHiring one of our luxury vehicles is the right way to impress your clients and treat your employees. Trusted by some of the greatest businesses in Rockland, Orange Counties NY and Northern NJ as well as New York City, King Car Service will help you to set the right tone for your meetings and events while treating your clients the best way possible.

When it comes to organizing transportation for your groups and meetings, you have a lot of options to choose from, but none of these options come close to comparison with King Car Service. Regardless off we are talking about a high-profile client, members of the board or few hundred conference members, our service will always be personalized to your clients ensuring that both their collective and individual experience is always exceptional. When it comes to taking care of your clients, partners or employees King Car Service is the one to always treat them like royalty. Our hand-picked chauffeurs were chosen for their competence, knowledge and personality. The three qualities you can expect from any of our drivers is their attention to detail, professionalism and confidentiality.

Arguably, first impressions are the most important ones, though when it comes to taking care of your customers, every detail is crucial. Rely on our Rockland limo specialists to pay attention of every aspect of business transportation from the moment your client steps out of the airplane, through taking them to every meeting and event, all the way to ensuring their arrival to the airport well on schedule for their departure and with great memories of their time.

In a social or business event, all the details need to be thought through. Transportation to and from the event are the things that give the first and the last experience. Set the tone with our Pearl River limo service. Our attention to detail alongside our exceptional customer service will help you set high expectations, create the right atmosphere and, on the way back, leave a pleasant savor of the whole affair. King Car Service will always do everything that is necessary to provide you with a top-class royal service.

When planning the transportation your event or a series of meetings, our experienced staff will help you with choosing the right vehicles and work through the schedule with you ensuring the perfect timing of all the transportation. We understand that even in a perfectly planned event many things can go off schedule or simply wrong, thus, in case of any change, we would easily adopt to new directions and requirements making sure that none of your clients noticed any bumps.

If you are considering hiring King Car service for a non-corporate event, have a look at our Day Tours, Weddings and Proms pages. We would also be happy to tailor our services for your anniversary, birthday or any other important event.