Day Trips

day trip car serviceWhether you are a tourist or a local that wants to rediscover the area, executive car hire is a wonderful way to explore where you are and there is a great number of trips on which Kings Car Service can take you on. Using an executive Rockland car service company for your travels means that you will travel in comfort wherever you want to go and will be treated like royalty along the way. Our Rockland car service completely takes the stress out of day trips. Allowing us to take care of the drive, you can fully emerge yourself in the trip, focusing on the beautiful scenery and your adventure and the people you are traveling with.

When all the details are taken care of and our elegant chauffeur is waiting at the weal, the only question is where you want to go. Tell us where you want to go, or get inspired by some of the suggestions we have. Maybe you’re interested in a trip to Atlantic City? Just two short hours away from New York, Atlantic City is a great place to see, not just for its entertainment, but also its high-quality beaches. Or go to New Jersey to play on its greenest golf courses, or if you are traveling in fall, see the famous foliage – one of the things about New Jersey is the leaves in the fall. Our drivers know exactly where to go and will escort you to some of the best autumn scenes you can find in the state. Take a tour around the New York City and enjoy a comfortable ride to the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty in style. If you are feeling adventurous, ask your chauffeur for an advice on the best dining places or hidden gems in town. You will be pleasantly surprised by their knowledge of the surrounding areas.

Assisting with your planning of a perfect trip, our professional staff will be happy to help you choose the right vehicle and will help to align your schedule. If you prefer not to have a set plan or if you are not sure of where the day will take you, just tell us where to go next and enjoy your adventure as it comes.

Wherever you want to go in Southern New York and Northern New Jersey, our Pearl River limo is happy to take you there. We guarantee comfort and luxury every mile of the way. If you have any requirements or desires, speak to our manager and will be happy to add any amenities. Our versatile fleet provides you with a choice of executive-class vehicles to choose from, and our professional, discreet and friendly drivers will ensure you have the most pleasant experience with your ride. Going on a day trip with Kings Car Service means building flexibility and comfort into your trip. No matter who you are travelling with, business colleagues, friends or family they will be impressed with your choice of transport for your day trip.